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Class Information Q & A


Who Are These Classes For? 


Whether you're a new facilitator learning the basics or a seasoned facilitator seeking to strengthen your skills, our classes meet where you are. We practice and teach facilitation wisdom for workshops, meetings, collaborations, and coaching in every class.  

Do I Have to Take the Classes in Order?

Classes do not have to be taken in any specific order, although it can be advantageous to take the two Transformative Workshop & Meeting Design classes in succession. 

How Do I Participate in Classes?

We offer classes via Zoom. The online component of our courses are on Wet Ink, a very accessible and friendly workshop platform. The Art of Facilitation Resource Hub is on a private website we update and expand regularly. We provide technical orientation as needed on all our class platforms.

What If I Live Somewhere in the World That Doesn't Work Time-Wise for the Zoom Sessions?

If you live in a time zone that makes attending the Zoom sessions difficult, no worries! We have worked with students from Ireland, Saudi Arabia, and other countries without having them join calls in the middle in the night. Simply be in touch with us about an alternative option, which includes your 1) sending questions/responses to us prior to the session, 2) watching recordings of the missed session, then 3) completing written work to more fully integrate your learning. This option is only available for people in locations that don't mesh with the Zoom session times during reasonable waking hours. 

Can I Get Certified in Facilitation Through the Classes?

People who complete all four classes will be awarded an Art of Facilitation Certificate of Completion.  Successful completion of each class entails finishing at least 80% of written assignments and participating in at least 80% of the Zoom calls.

What Are the Class Fees and Is There a Discount for Taking all Four?

Each class is $290 if registered by the early bird deadline of three weeks before the class begins; regular fee is $320.

FOUR-Class Discounts: We offer a $110 discount for students who pay in full for all classes in advance. 

Registration Information

How to Register: Please go to the Classes & Calendar page and register for whichever classes you choose now. We also have a button at the bottom of the page to register for all four classes together.


Payment Options: As an alternative to Square, you may pay by Venmo (Caryn-Goldberg-2, and please email us to confirm and say which class you're registering for) or check (email us for details). 

Cancellations: If you need to cancel enrollment at least three weeks before a class begins, we will refund all payment minus a $30 handling fee; a 50% refund is offered before two weeks. After two weeks before the start of a class, no refund is given. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact us. It's also possible to roll over class payments for one class into a future class if arrangements are made at least two weeks in advance.

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